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Prior to the temporary water concession by the CHS (Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura) Pepa Pérez, Administrator of the General Community of HRGR, requested a meeting with the President of the CHS. The same day that we received the notification of the temporary water concession, the office of the President contacted her and accepted the request for a meeting.

The President of the CHS, Mr Mario Urrea, accompanied by the Water Commissioner, Mr Francisco Javier García, received the representatives of HRGR, Ms Pepa Pérez (Administrator of the GC), Mr Brian Headley (President of Phase 5A) and Mr José Alarcón (HRGR advisor on water issues).

At the meeting the acceptance of the conditions of the provisional concession was ratified and it was communicated that the pertinent actions are being carried out with ACUAMED (company that manages the irrigation water resource) to access the authorised concession.

Below you can find the link to the press release published on the CHS website.

Publication on the CHS website (

It is important to note that the temporary water concession will be in force until the project of competences is resolved by the CHS, procedure in which HRGR also participates.

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