Communication 130— Indico Road Closure

Dear owners,

Last year a decision was made to provide on-road parking for residents and renters at the lower end of Indico affecting phase 2 & phase 6 (from Indico 1 to Indico 35 approx). To do this change, the original road markings were painted over in black, and new lines were put in their place.
At this time, the old white lines have started showing through next to the new ones which is causing confusion for drivers, as there are multiple arrows and also two centre lines in different places. See pictures below.

View looking south from the top of Phase 6

View looking south from Jengibre 8 (Indico 11, 13, 15)

I contacted the resort lawyer to ask what was either my own, as resort president, or the communities exposure in the event of a vehicle accident caused by the confusion generated by the different lines on this area of the road.
He has now responded with some concerning news. Neither I nor the board have exposure so far but the community does, and that is because Murcia Council were not approached for permission,  as there are no records showing that, so the lines should not have been painted until permission was requested and subsequently granted. The current Board could be liable if it does not react now, having received knowledge of this error.
The resort lawyer has advised that we must return the road to its original status as soon as possible.
The street is public, and the traffic sense etc. were formally approved by the City Council.

From Midnight on Wednesday 12th October, Security will close the road of Phase 6 and partial areas of Phase 2 (from Indico 1 to Indico 35 approx).
Residents are requested to move their cars from that section of road before Wednesday 12.10.2022 to ensure the road is totally clear for the contractors to make an early start on Thursday 13.10.2022. It is expected to take two days to complete.
We respectfully request your cooperation with this work, the road will be opened much quicker if there are no obstacles.

Below is a plan of the area affected.

Access to the buildings at the bottom of Phase 7 will have to be via Phase 5 (Atlantic Street).

The cost is approximately 3500€. It is approximate as it may take more than one coat to cover the old lines and arrows.Thank you,

Kind regards,

Richard Deeley
President of the General Community of HRGR

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