Communication 124 – Progress on the Low-Irrigation Landscaping Project

I am pleased to be able to give you all some great news on the progress of our Low-Irrigation Landscape Project. Today, following a rigorous, competitive procurement plan, we have appointed three (3) professional landscape design companies to undertake separate designs for this critical project. This is a slight change from the approach outlined in Communication 89 but the Board believe it is the best approach in order to provide owners with a broad choice of design solutions. In this Communication I will give you: (a) some background on the process that the project team employed to get to this important milestone; (b) the scope of the work to be undertaken; (c) the cost of the design fees; and (d) an overview of the next steps.

Since the last communication on the project our Project Manager and the Technical and Commercial teams have been working hard to move the project forward. They were driven by an objective to give owners the best possible choice of design solutions; and to do this they decided to slightly change the approach outlined in Communication 89 by going to the ‘market’ to see if any other professional landscape design companies would be interested in helping us with our project. Accordingly, they issued an Expression of Interest document to thirteen (13) professionally qualified Spanish landscape design companies. Six (6) positive responses were received from these companies. After a technical review the team determined that, whilst all of the six (6) companies were capable of designing our project, only four (4) could meet our timescales for completion of the design.

In parallel with this Expression of Interest activity, the Technical Team developed a Landscape Design Brief which sets out a long term vision for our gardens with a reduced reliance on water. It gives a comprehensive outline of the design basis and the deliverables we require from the design companies to enable owners to select their preferred option.

The next step was to issue an Invitation to Tender to the four (4) selected design companies inviting them to submit their proposals and associated fees, for producing designs. The tenders were invited on a competitive, confidential basis, with all proposals to be strictly in accordance with our Landscape Design Brief. Once received, these ‘sealed bid’ tenders were opened by myself, the Administrator, Pepa Perez, and the Phase 5A President, Brian Headley, all in accordance with our recently revised Procurement Policy. The technical and commercial sections of each tender were then distributed, separately and in confidence, to the respective Technical and Commercial Teams for evaluation in terms of compliance with the Invitation to Tender.

Our Technical and Commercial teams undertook a thorough independent review of their separate sections of the tenders in confidence; and following completion of their evaluations the Project Manager prepared a Summary Evaluation Report which was presented to the Board. After reviewing the results of the evaluation the Board decided that, in order to give you, the owners, the broadest choice of design solutions it was best to appoint three (3) companies to undertake the designs for our Low-Irrigation Landscape Project.

We are calling this Phase One of the Low-Irrigation Landscape Project and it will encompass two main areas: General Community (GC) land and some EUCC land. The GC area extends across all Phases; and is located primarily, but not exclusively, between the roads around the Resort and the adjacent buildings. Two areas of EUCC land are also included: the large grass area between Phases 2 and 6 going towards the sports area; and the large, sloped grass area in Phase 3 alongside Calle Adriatico. We have in this first Phase excluded any work to the GNK areas that were previously suggested for inclusion in the project.

Areas to be landscaped in later phases have not yet been determined and will be subject of dialogue with owners and the Board in the coming years; to suit needs and budget constraints.

The total cost for the production of the three (3) design solutions will be 78,633.30€ including IVA (which is equivalent to 3,51 € per owner per month over 12 months). This cost can be covered within our current 2022 Budget.


a) Design Phase
Following the Board’s decision, last week the project team held bid clarification meetings with each of the selected companies to ensure alignment on technical, commercial and contractual conditions ahead of contract award. I would like to emphasise that, during these meetings, it has been made quite clear to the three (3) design companies that we are looking to them to produce designs without any constraints, using their professional design expertise, to satisfy our Landscape Design Brief. The designs are to be produced in strict confidence (each contract includes a confidentiality agreement) and there will be no review or intervention by any Board member or owners during the design period.

All the designs, along with supporting information, are due to be submitted on 20th October 2022.

b) Receipt of Designs
Upon receipt of the designs the deliverables will be checked-off for compliance by myself and the Phase 2 President Nigel Smith; this check will solely be to ensure that the deliverable requirements of the Design Brief has been met and that we have received all the elements of the design submission that we have requested. Once this check has been completed the three design solutions will be promptly uploaded to our new website.

c) Communication & Owner Engagement
We will also issue an email Communication to all owners attaching the designs and, in addition, we will place laminated copies upstairs in El Cason for people to review if they are present at Hacienda Riquelme (this should occur at the beginning of week commencing Monday, 24 October 2022).

Voting by owners to select the final design solution for implementation will be held at individual sub-community EGMs commencing in mid-November, 2022. Following selection of the successful design a competitive tender process will commence early in 2023 to select the contractor to implement the landscape design works. The target date for completion of the Phase One works is end of 2023.

Kind regards,

Richard Deeley
President of the General Community of HRGR