Communication 1 – Water Cut

Dear owners, We have been informed by the water company (EMUASA) that tomorrow Wednesday 04.01.2023 they will proceed with the maintenance of the drinking water pump of Calle Indico (Phase 2 from Indico 23 to 101), so the water supply will be cut. The other buildings in the resort may have low water pressure. The intervention is scheduled to take place from 09.00 a.m. to […]


The Resort President and all the Board wish you all a very Happy and Successful New Year.


Dear Owners, Prior to the temporary water concession by the CHS (Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura) Pepa Pérez, Administrator of the General Community of HRGR, requested a meeting with the President of the CHS. The same day that we received the notification of the temporary water concession, the office of the President contacted her and accepted […]


Dear Owners, It has been a long road with many meetings, e-mails, phone calls, and the preparation of documents by our Resort Manager and HRGR General Community Administrator, Pepa Pérez, but finally, we have achieved it. We are pleased to inform you that the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura (CHS) has replied, on Monday 12.12.2022 at […]

Communication 131- Gardening September- October

COMMUNICATION 131GARDENING SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER Dear owners, First of all our apologies for not having sent out the communication regarding the gardening work in the last few weeks.  In order to facilitate a longer term work plan, we have been revising the format of the submission. This is why from now on, the planning will […]

Communication 130— Indico Road Closure

Dear owners, Last year a decision was made to provide on-road parking for residents and renters at the lower end of Indico affecting phase 2 & phase 6 (from Indico 1 to Indico 35 approx). To do this change, the original road markings were painted over in black, and new lines were put in their […]

Communication 126 – The HR Charity Day 02.07.2022

Dear owners, Firstly, may we apologise for the delay in sending this update. Circumstances outside our control caused a delay in finalising everything. However, with great pleasure, we can now announce that due to the fantastic support of everyone who attended, plus the generosity of our many Sponsors, we are delighted to confirm we have […]

Communication 125 – Pool 1-1 Closed due to pavement works

Dear owners, Following the communication 91, may we inform you that the pool 1-1 will be closed from Monday 26th September 2022 in order to continue with the paving works that are still pending to be finished in half of the pool. Also, the pool fence on the area to be done will be removed […]

Communication 124 – Progress on the Low-Irrigation Landscaping Project

INTRODUCTION I am pleased to be able to give you all some great news on the progress of our Low-Irrigation Landscape Project. Today, following a rigorous, competitive procurement plan, we have appointed three (3) professional landscape design companies to undertake separate designs for this critical project. This is a slight change from the approach outlined […]


Following the communication sent to you on 31.01.2022 regarding the garden landscaping project, we thank all those who sent email responses and we realise that there was a lot of information to assimilate regarding all the designs that were included. We are putting together answers to your questions in a Q&A document to be sent […]